The Island of the Dolls is located on Lake Teshuil between Xochimilco and Mexico City. It is just one of the synthetic islands which are called chinampas, built throughout the pre-Hispanic times in order to boost farming manufacturing. These islands stood in the superficial end of the lake and also as they expanded more powerful and also lusher, they began to be called “floating gardens.” Later on, as a result of the gradual narrowing of the lake, they were abandoned as well as delegated abandonment.

Isla de las Muñecas is one of the only continuing to be islands which still attracts observers, mostly due to the numerous, spooky hanging dolls which adorn the branches of this wild forest.


The history of these dolls is the outcome of a tragedy that unravelled in the 1950s, when a strange male called Julian Santana Barrera made a decision to populate the island in total solitude to expand fruit and vegetables.

Mexico's Island Of The Dolls In 27 Disturbing Photos

Someday while he was straying the island, Santana found the body of a perished youngster in the channel and was so troubled by the discovery that he made a decision to hang the doll that the deceased child kept in her arms, up in a tree.


This symbolic gesture was suggested to prevent wicked pressures to the island and also assist the little girl locate tranquility. Over time, an increasing number of haunted by the memory of the catastrophe, he began collecting any type of doll he could find– from the garbage or depleted from the channel.


Any type of type of doll suited him – deformed-looking dolls, mutilated or injured. Every day, he continued to spread the dolls throughout the island branches making use of strings of luck, not realizing that he had produced a macabre refuge that he nursed up until the day of his death.

Julian Santana was located dead in the shallows, he drowned in the same area where the woman passed away greater than 80 years previously.


In spite of its disturbing appearance, the Isla de las Muñecas has actually become an actual traveler attraction, with interested visitors pertaining to see the results of the terrible tale. Some neighborhood legends state that the dolls revive at night. Even visitors assert they have seen the dolls turn and even heard them murmuring distressing expressions in the evening.

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