Uncovering the Beauty of Colorado’s Hidden Gem!

The Crystal Mill (Old Mill) or historically referred to as the Sheep Mountain Mill, is among the most attractive, attractive and reputed to be the most photographed area in Colorado state. It lies over the Crystal River in Crystal, Colorado, between the towns of Glenwood Springs and Aspen on Highway 82, seven miles southeast of Marble.

But what is this place?

The Crystal Mill is a wood powerhouse constructed in 1892 and included in the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. Impressive is that Crystal never had nor does it have currently power.
It is said that the mill utilized the river adjacent to the mill to power the air compressor housed inside. Additionally, early engineers had developed a dam across the river, which funneled thin down the upright penstock (the ladder-like framework) onto a horizontal wheel, which drove an axle in the penstock.

The penstock powered the air compressor. Consequently, the huge compressor ran drills in the close-by Lamb Mountain and Bear Hill mines. The drills were utilized to bore openings in the mine wall surfaces for the placement of dynamite. After the dynamite was detonated, the miners eliminated the whole ore.
Also, the operation shut down in 1917, the site has actually been protected with the help of the Gunnison and Aspen historic societies and today The Crystal Mill remained a tourist attraction for the city of Crystal.

The Crystal Mill is obtainable just in the summer season and drop months; it is accessed by a road that requires a four-wheel-drive automobile, a sturdy set of boots, a mountain bike, or a horse.
You need to see this area for yourself. You will certainly see it’s worth its visitor destination condition.


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