The Haines Shoe House is a peculiar house that was constructed in 1949 to advertise the productions of its eccentric proprietor – footwear supplier Mahlon Haines, understood in the US as “the wizard of footwear”. At that time, Haines had a chain of virtually 50 shoe shops and also was recognized for his eccentric and humanitarian methods, hosting elderly pairs in his buildings completely free, treating them with only the most effective of service.

The Haines Shoe House, The Man Who Lived in a Shoe
Haines passed away in 1962 leaving the shoe-shaped building to his employees who quickly thought to offer it. In 1964, Eleanor Hallman bought it as a guest house and ice cream parlor and it stayed in this manner for over two decades. In 2004, your home was acquired by Carleen and Ronald Farabaugh, a pair who planned to arrange sightseeing excursion. After some important restorations in 2007, the shoe-shaped residential or commercial property officially opened to the general public.

The tours confirmed successful, but for some unknown reason in 2015, the house was offered yet once again to Jeff and Malanie Schmucks – the seventh new owners!

This young couple teemed with excitement for your home, including little touches of shade and re-inserting old souvenirs and furnishings from 1950 in order to restore truth significance of this residence. The boot is eight meters high, with a masonry wooden structure as well as includes three rooms, 2 shower rooms, a kitchen area and a living-room, all spread over 5 levels.

Today, the Haines Footwear Home is a real gallery checked out by several visitors, and also consists of a souvenir store and also a tasty ice cream shop that Melanie prepares by hand!


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