Casa do Penedo is a particular kind of “prehistoric” house situated just in between Celorico de Basto and Fafe, in the north of Portugal. The house, which is likewise known as “Castle of Stone” was built between 4 huge rocks initially found in the location. The castle was constructed in 1972 and also integrated completely right into its all-natural landscape. Built by designer Guimarães, the castle was meant to be a country hideaway for the holidays for a local family.

The structure quickly drew in the focus of numerous interested tourists, compeling the proprietors to move in other places. Today the Casa do Penedo is a small gallery, loaded with memorabilia and also photographs of the history of the structure and also the gorgeous surrounding landscapes. Although your house is close to huge windmills, it is totally without power. This though, does not make it unliveable. It is outfitted with all animal comforts.

Both storey residence is small in dimension but it is quite relaxing. The very beginning has a kitchen area as well as tiny living room, all furnished in a rustic design with a eucalyptus-wood as well as concrete made sofa which weighs nearly 800 extra pounds. The top floor is accessible using a wood stairs and also is the sleeping location. Each room in your home has a different form to it which is adjusted to a certain geometric function of the rock. There is likewise a swimming pool outside as well as an outdoor tank which likewise houses an all-natural form of a large rock boulder.

Your house has actually suffered considerable criminal damage over the years, primarily due to its isolated setting. The current proprietors have reinforced the doors and changed the original window fixtures, included barriers and also bulletproof glass so it is now quite safe and secure.


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