The Haus steht Kopf, built in 2012 by Polish engineers Irek Glowacki as well as Marek Rozanski, lies in the small Austrian town of Terfens, concerning 20 mins by auto from Innsbruck. Its appeal is that it is constructed upside down providing site visitors the strange feeling of being upside down.

Your house is structured on two floorings with an exceptionally detailed interior. Each item, although positioned in the best room, has been turned upside down and embellished with really shocking information efficient in bewitching every site visitor. Of course, you get in the attic room and also proceed through each room as in any kind of traditional home, from the restroom to the kitchen area, to the children’s space, to the garage where a Volkswagen beetle is parked.

The upside-down house in Terfens is a vacationer destination enjoyed by grownups as well as kids, an area that attracts hundreds of travelers every year, ready to snap a couple of shots to obtain the fun result of walking on a ceiling mimicing the lack of gravity.

The Haus steht Kopf is open to the public all year round, for additional info as well as information on times and also costs get in touch with


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