old stone fort in ohio

Mysteries of The Old Stone Fort

Sitting lonely amidst the lush landscape of Coshocton, Ohio, lies a very old stone structure, shrouded in mystery and intrigue. This small structure, potentially the oldest of its kind in the Midwest, has stood the test of time, its origins remaining largely unknown.

The Old Stone Fort sits alongside a tranquil country road on the eastern fringes of Coshocton County. People question whether this structure was erected as a bastion of defense or merely as an integral component of a sprawling farmstead owned by early settlers to the area. As the whispers of history drift through its weathered walls, the true purpose of this intriguing building continues to elude even the most astute historians.

Echoes of the Past

Whispers of history echo through the Old Stone Fort. While it’s possible that it’s the oldest of its kind in the Midwest, it’s notable for being the oldest standing structure in the state of Ohio. Historians estimate the Old Stone Fort’s construction to date back to around 1679, an era nearly a century before the American Revolution, yet the identity of its architects and the purpose of its creation elude definitive answers.

old stone fort in ohio

Possible Origins of the Old Stone Fort

A weathered metal plaque adorning the fort’s exterior offers a small clue, suggesting that d’Iberville, the worthy successor to the intrepid explorer LaSalle, might have been responsible for its construction. Known for his endeavors in establishing French forts throughout the Mississippi Valley between 1679 and 1689, this French Canadian visionary is theorized to have built the Old Stone Fort as a structure to defend against English encroachment during the fierce competition for dominance in the lucrative fur trade.

However, this hypothesis is far from certain, and there have been numerous alternative theories. Some speculate that the structure may not be as ancient as once thought, with stories of an Irish fur trader, George Croghan, as its possible creator. Could the Old Stone Fort, in fact, date back to the 1700s? Historical research has revealed that Croghan constructed a stone trading post in Pickaway around the year 1750. As the debate continues, the true story of the Old Stone Fort’s origins remains out of reach, awaiting discoveries to be made by future generations.

Another story goes that the fort might have been the handiwork of a humble farmer who once owned the surrounding lands. However, this has been heavily debated by the farmer’s descendants, who have said that even in their earliest memories, the fort appeared to be much older, and seemed that it surely would have been there long before their family was.

Present Day

In the present day, both history aficionados and those who love offbeat roadside attractions can experience the mystery of the Old Stone Fort firsthand. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Coshocton County Historical Society in the 1950s, this Ohio relic has been meticulously restored and preserved, inviting visitors to step back in time and ponder the mysteries that continue to cloak its origins.

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