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  • A $21 Million Navy Ship Sits Abandoned in Washington

    A $21 Million Navy Ship Sits Abandoned in Washington

    During its time, the USS Plainview (AGEH-1) held the title of the world’s largest hydrofoil ship. It was named after the cities of Plainview, New York, and Plainview, Texas, and was the United States Navy’s first hydrofoil research vessel. Construction of the Plainview cost $21 million. On May 8, 1964, under project SCB 219, construction…

  • The Damages of Kansas City Workhouse Castle

    The Kansas City Workhouse Castle is an abandoned and also historical medieval-styled website situated at 2001 Creeping plant Road in Missouri. The towered stone citadel was initially constructed in 1897 as well as was inaugurated as the “workhouse castle” with devoted prison to put behind bars petty bad guys and drifters. Designed by Kansas City…

  • New York’s Hidden Tropical Forest

    A mini jungle is expanding inside of a Midtown Manhattan office building. NEW YORKERS ARE USUALLY WELL off when it concerns communing with nature. From the gigantic metropolitan Central and Prospect Parks to outdoor spaces such as Bryant Park and Riverside Park, the city provides various welcome runs away from the urban forest. However much…

  • A Roman Emperor’s Villa Is Now Producing Olive Oil

    Hadrian’s estate has trees found no place else in the world. WHEN FRENCH AUTHOR MARGUERITE YOURCENAR initially checked out Hadrian’s Suite in Tivoli, Italy, she was mesmerized by what she defined as its “wild and cost-free damages.” A black and white picture from 1924 shows the 21-year-old author standing by collapsed walls against a background…

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