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  • Park of Souls. Acharnes, Greece

    After a catastrophic forest fire, a Greek artist changed scorched tree trunks outside an old asylum right into this haunting sculpture garden. JUST NORTH OF ATHENS, High Up On Mount Parnitha, a variety of haunting wooden sculptures stand outside the premises of a deserted insane asylum. The outside event unites the heartbreaking background of the […]

  • The Carleton Island Rental property abandoned.

    The Carleton Island Suite is an estate that was created on Carleton Island (among numerous), built in 1894, designer William Miller constructed the home for William O. Wyckoff, that made a fortune collaborating with the Remington Arms Company to create a typewriter. Photo Credit: kikuchiyo4444 – Imgur It acted as a critical base for British army and naval […]

  • Discover the tricks of Briarcliff, the Coca-Cola successor’s abandoned Georgia manor

    Briarcliff Manor in Georgia As soon as host to lush culture parties, the wealthy owner’s ‘unique family pets’, which wandered its grounds, as well as even a murder enigma, this boarded-up Georgian Resurgence mansion lies crumbling and also abandoned on Emory University’s Briarcliff School in Georgia. Developed in between 1920 as well as 1922 for […]


    Houtou Wan is a small village located on the island of Gouqi. It is one of the 394 islands called Shengsi Islands which is the largest in China’s Zhoushan Island chain Simply 50 years ago, Houtou Wan was a successful fishing village, a vibrant mall that was slowly deserted by its homeowners, due to the […]

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