Ross Island
Ross Island – An Abandoned Penal Colony in the Indian Ocean

A sight of Ross Island from a watercraft. A management building which was later utilized by the Indian Navy.The funding had initially been intended at the previous settlement of Port Blair nonetheless water deficiency meant a step was made 2 km east to Ross Island. You can see how close South Andaman is in this […]

Tajbeg Palace
Tajbeg Palace – The Former Home Of The Afghan Royal Family

The Tajbeg Palace, or Tapa-e-Tajbeg, is located outside Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan. The royal residence was the home of the royal household during the time of Amānullāh Khān. The name converts to Palace of the Large Crown as well as it has likewise been called the Queen’s Palace by some. It has actually […]

Dokmaideng Playland
Dokmaideng Playland – An Abandoned Theme Park in Laos A huge…

Dokmaideng Playland – An Abandoned Theme Park in Laos A huge program building.< div id="attachment_1244"style="width: 810px"class ="wp-caption aligncenter" > More dodgems stacked with various other debris. A ferris wheel continues to be relatively undamaged.

The Abandoned Battleship Island in Japan

Hashima, found off the coastline of Japan, is usually called Gunkanjima or 軍艦島, actually implying Battleship Island. The man-made sea walls offer the island the appearance of the Tosa, the Japanese warship. Some have actually likened it to Godzilla arising from the sea. The island was when a symbol of the quick automation of Japan […]

Fukushima - Japan's Worst Nuclear Disaster
Fukushima – Japan’s Worst Nuclear Disaster

On the 11th of March 2011, an earthquake struck Japan. This was followed by a tidal wave as well as the resulting damages caused a leakage at the Fukushima nuclear plant. While the 3 working activators went offline following the earthquake, the emergency situation generators made use of to cool them were disconnected as a […]

Nara Dreamland
Nara Dreamland – An Abandoned Theme Park In Japan

Nara Dreamland in Nara, Japan was integrated in 1961 and also was based upon the original Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It featured its very own variation of Main Street USA, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Autopia, Matterhorn as well as Jungle Cruise. It ultimately closed permanently in 2006 as well as was left deserted. It has started […]